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Computing and Robotics Contests

App Development
Description Timeframe


Teams of up to 4 female students collaborate to design and build a mobile application over a 12 week time frame.

The team also creates a business plan and pitches the application to a panel of judges.

Criteria: Open to all grade levels

January 15- April 24

Toronto Regional

Coding Contests Description Timeframe

Teams of 4 students per team represent the school in set of 4 programming challenges over three (3) hours. Students can code using a variety of different programming languages. Practice questions are available. 

TDSB Round 1 registration deadline: March 1, 2018
Criteria: Open to all grade levels

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Canadian Computing Competition

University of Waterloo

Individual coding contest (online) consisting of 4 challenges over 3 hours. Students can complete at the Junior or Senior level.

An ideal contest for any senior Computer Science student or students with experience coding using Java, Python, or C++. 
Practice websites include DMOJ and/or WCIPEG.

Criteria: Open to all grade levels
Registration: February 5, 2018
Fee: $6 per student

February 14, 2018
Beaver Computing Challenge

University of Waterloo

Individual computational challenge that is completed online during November. No programming experience is required.

Criteria: Open to all grade 9-10 only
Registration: October
Fee: $2 per student


Robotics Description Timeframe
Univeristy of Ontario Institute of Technology
(UOIT) Robotics Challenge

Teams of up to 8 students represent the school in an autonomous robotics competition. The current competition uses Lego EV3 robots and the challenge involved a sumobot competition in an octagonal ring.

2017 competition - Malvern CI was a semi-finalist

World Robotics Olympiad

Teams of up to 3 students design and build an EV3 robot to compete with others in a regional competition.

Criteria: Open to all grade levels
Registration: Jan 20, 2018

Malvern plans to register 1-2 teams in the competition in 2018.

February 14, 2018